It’s time to go back to school! For many, this time of year is exciting and full of new opportunities but for others, it can be daunting. The cost of back-to-school supplies is overwhelming for many in our community and is not financially feasible for every family.

Lisa and Wanda from Roughley Insurance have been overseeing Roughley’s commitment to Simcoe Hall Settlement House’s Backpacks for Success program for 15 years.

Simcoe Hall Settlement House’s mission is as follows: “Provide wellness opportunities through a food bank and programs to serve children, individuals and families who experience financial and social challenges within our community.” For more information about Simcoe Hall Settlement House, please visit https://simcoehall.com/.

Jim Roughley, Roughley Insurance’s Owner, explains “For the past 15 years, Grant and I have provided backpacks and back-to-school supplies for Backpacks for Success. We recognize the barriers and inequities that many families and their children face in our community and believe that every child be given the same opportunities to be successful in school. Backpacks for Success helps families worry about one less thing during the back-to-school season and Roughley Insurance will always strive to provide hope and relief wherever and whenever we can.”

Simcoe Hall has asked that cash be donated instead of supplies. Staff got creative for those who wanted to get involved through things like raffles and 50/50 tickets.

Lisa organizes the team’s donations each year. She says her reason for donating to this program is simple; “No child should feel different in a classroom, they need to have the same tools and benefits as everyone else.  Every little bit makes a very big difference in the life of a child.  A good beginning equals a good foundation.”

In 2022, Simcoe Hall gave out 1,700 backpacks to those in need within our community. 1,700 children and teenagers who would otherwise not have the same opportunity as their peers.

These opportunities are made possible by many community donations of new backpacks, supplies, and funds so that Simcoe Hall can purchase exactly what is needed. It also would not be possible without the volunteers at Simcoe Hall who put together the backpacks and give them to the community.

Rosemary, a Roughley team member, was a single mom and she recalls the kindness that was shown to her: “I was a single mom and the kindness of people offering to help was overwhelming. There are so many out there who really appreciate a bit of kindness.”

We know there are many people within our community who need a hand and a little bit of kindness. Roughley Insurance is proud to contribute to all children having the same opportunities and resources in the classroom this back-to-school season.