With vehicle thefts on the rise here in Durham Region, and up 45% in Toronto, the best method of defence is awareness, and there are several things that you can do to deter thieves from targeting your vehicle.

Tips to Deter Thieves

 Toronto Police recommend these additional steps to deter thieves:

  • Keep yourself, and your vehicle safe by picking the right parking spot (well-lit, high traffic areas).
  • Always take your keys with you and don’t leave your vehicle running unattended.
  • Consider photocopying your ownership and insurance and leaving those in your car instead of the originals.
  • When parking, turn your wheels towards the curb to make it harder to tow away.
  • If you have a rear-wheel-drive car, back into your spot.
  • If you have a front-wheel-drive car, park facing forwards.

According to Michael Slack, director for auto theft for Ontario and Eastern Canada for Équité Association, the most stolen vehicles are the ones with a key fob.

CAA South Central Ontario (CAASCO) recommends keeping your wireless key fob away from the front door and windows.

What to do if your car is stolen?

  • Report it to the police immediately.
  • Report it to your insurance broker.

This is also a great time to check your insurance policy to ensure you are covered for theft in the event your vehicle is stolen, and to consider adding coverage if you don’t currently have it.

We hope that by bringing awareness to thefts, and empowering you to protect your vehicle, we can protect more vehicle owners from the dreaded “where’s my car?!”.

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