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General Business Liability

  Business Insurance and advice you can count on  You have invested time, energy and significant financial resources into getting – and keeping – your business up and running, but have you protected this investment? As with properties or vehicles, businesses are vulnerable to risk too, and you need the right level of insurance protection in the event of a claim. Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL), or General Business Insurance, is coverage that will protect your business in the event that you are sued, and it is most often used to offset the cost of claims against your business. Some examples might be: • You have a retail storefront and a customer slips and falls in your store • You run a carpet cleaning business, and while onsite an employee breaks a window By choosing to insure your business, you remove your risk and vulnerability to lawsuits or claims that could be devastating to your business. Your Roughley Insurance Broker will discuss with you what the risks associated with your industry and business are, and advise you on the appropriate levels of coverage that will protect you, your business and ultimately your livelihood in the event of a claim. Commercial Umbrella or Excess Liability In addition to your Commercial General Liability, you can increase your limits by purchasing umbrella coverage. For additional coverage, in the event of a claim, excess liability coverage will provide you with additional coverage in excess of your primary commercial policy. Partnering with you to ensure your success… that’s the Roughley Advantage.