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Home Owners


Protecting your property and your peace of mind 

Homeowners Insurance
For many of us, buying a home is the biggest investment we will ever make. It is important to protect that investment. Having the proper coverage ensures that you and your family will be protected from losses such as;

      • Fire, smoke
      • Lightning
      • Windstorm, hail
      • Burglary or theft
      • Water damage
      • … and much more

Condo Unit Owner’s Insurance
Condo insurance is a little different from homeowners insurance. The Unit owner does not need to cover the entire dwelling, only the interior and contents such as furniture, clothing and electronics.

Condominium unit owners share in the responsibility of protecting the common elements. Common elements are areas that are shared by all unit owners, such as hallways, lobbies, pools, parking garages, elevators, etc. Loss assessment coverage is included in many condominium insurance packages, and provides protection if you were to be assessed responsibility for a portion of a loss that may involve a common element.

In cases where condominium unit owners have chosen to renovate or upgrade certain fixed portions of their unit, such as flooring and cabinetry, these upgrades need to be insured. Coverage for betterments and improvements are included in most condominium insurance packages.


Seasonal/Secondary Dwelling Insurance (a.k.a. cottages or summer homes)
Insurance coverages and rates for seasonal and secondary homes are slightly different than principal dwellings, for many reasons.

Occupancy is a heavily weighted factor in determining insurance rates on homes. Typically, rates of insurance for seasonal and/or secondary homes are higher due to the fact that there are usually brief periods of unoccupancy. In most cases, your insurance company may require that you visit or have your secondary/seasonal dwelling inspected at least once every 30-60 days.

Whether it is a home that you already own or one that you are considering buying, call Roughley today to discuss the details of your secondary or seasonal home. We would love to offer you a complimentary, no-obligation quote, so that you can be sure that your investment is safe even when you are not around.