The insurance options available to you are seemingly endless. On your car insurance policy alone, the options available can seem daunting. But if you work with the right partner, these options will make perfect sense and you will have the right coverage unique to you.

Insurance brokers are independent of the insurance companies that you’ve likely heard of. Insurance brokers must be fully licensed, and in Ontario are independently registered with RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario).

Roughley insurance brokers will discuss your needs, assess your risk level, and advise which coverage options will best protect you. As brokers, we work with multiple insurance providers to get you the right coverage at the right price.

Economical Insurance outlines a few ways a broker can save you money:

  1. Your broker will get to know you on a personal level. An insurance broker will take the time to get to know your unique lifestyle, circumstances, goals, and budget so they can find the best insurance coverage for you. They’ll get to know your current risks and any risks you’ll likely face in the future so they can provide customized recommendations for coverage. A broker may advise you to bundle your coverage or take advantage of home insurance and car insurance discounts to save money. Most insurance brokers also work close to home, so they typically have a good understanding of their community’s needs.
  2. Brokers provide unbiased advice. Insurance brokers are independent representatives, so they don’t have loyalty or preference for one insurance company over another. They likely work with at least five insurance companies, so they can easily compare different products to suit their clients. That means they base their recommendations on your personal needs and budget — not just on what’s available from one insurance provider — so you’ll get the best advice possible.
  3. Brokers have access to a wide variety of products and insurance providers. Working with a wide variety of insurance companies, brokers can compare the best coverage and compare multiple quotes, so you can conveniently shop around for the best deal. Insurance brokers can also bundle different insurance products to save you even more than you originally bargained for!
  4. They maintain open lines of communication. An insurance broker acts as your first line of communication with your insurance provider, so if you have any questions related to your coverage, need to make changes to your policy, or need to make a claim, they’re there to help. Fast and effective communication means you can quickly get the coverage you need, and it can also help expedite the claims process, saving you time and money. Insurance brokers work hard to develop close relationships with their clients, so when you work with a broker, you have an industry professional who will look out for your budget and best interests.
  5. Insurance brokers are industry experts. Your broker is always aware of all the latest industry news and how it may affect your coverage needs. While you’re not thinking about your insurance policies 24/7, your broker is working behind the scenes to make sure you have the best coverage possible and can provide you with additional insights on how to save extra cash and protect what matters most.

There’s no additional fee for an insurance broker’s services on top of your regular premium.

If you’re not currently working with an insurance broker, connect with us today to see the benefits of working with an insurance broker yourself.

This article was originally posted on economical.com.

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