The Ontario towing industry is undergoing changes on how the industry operates. These changes are enacted by the Province to reduce insurance rates and help protect consumers during a stressful moment in their lives. Many of these changes come into effect January 1, 2017. The changes require companies to:

  • Make available a current statement of rates for services that are offered to consumers. This statement of rates must be on the premise of the business or available online, they must be reproducible, and provided to consumers upon request
  • Before demanding or receiving payment from the consumer, the consumer must be given an itemized invoice listing the services provided, the cost of the services, and the total cost
  • Accept credit card payments and not insist on payments in cash only
  • Disclose to the consumer if they is a financial incentive for bringing the vehicle to a certain repair shop or storage location
  • Provide consumers with access to their vehicle to remove personal items

Getting into an accident is a stressful time for any motorist. We at Roughley are always here for you. If you are involved in an accident call us at 905.576.7770 ext 246 or toll free at 1.888.558.0883. Outside of regular business hours you can contact your insurance company directly, here is a list of contact numbers.

Remember that you do not have accept service from the first tow truck that arrives on scene (there are exceptions mandated by the police). You have the right to decline any tow truck until your preferred provider arrives to the scene of the accident.

For more information regarding the changes visit the Provincial Towing Association (Ontario).