Whether you are a snowbird planning an extended trip and leaving your car behind, or you store your summer (fun) vehicle for the winter, we want you to know about OPCF 16.

If you are planning to escape the Canadian cold this winter and you won’t be driving your car throughout the winter months, you can potentially save some money on your insurance by adding an endorsement to your policy called OPCF 16.

What is OPCF 16?

This endorsement means that you can’t operate your vehicle, but the vehicle will still be protected if anything were to happen to it while it is parked. It will be protected from things like fire, theft, water damage or if it gets hit while it’s parked.

Here are some quick facts about OPCF 16:

  • Your savings will vary by company but generally you will pay your usual premium while OPCF 16 is in effect.
  • You’re eligible for a refund once you reinstate your coverage, provided your car has been out of use for longer than 45 days.
  • There’s no fee for adding OPCF 16.
  • There are limits on how long you can suspend your coverage, but it varies by insurance company.
  • If you have a classic or antique car policy you can not add OPCF 16 as the policy is already rated for you only driving in the summer months.

There are some rules that must be followed when adding OPCF 16:

  • Your vehicle can’t be parked on the road.
  • You can’t operate your vehicle in any capacity.
  • You must call your broker before you operate the vehicle again to have OPCF 17 reinstated on your policy so that your coverages return to normal.
  • The endorsement is only applicable if you are taking your vehicle off the road for more than 45 days.

Why can’t you just cancel your insurance and then get insurance again when you need it?

Outright cancelling your insurance could end up costing you more money in the long run including the cost of a cancellation fee. When you want to reinstate your car insurance, some insuring companies will see the gap in insurance coverage and consider this a red flag.

Having basic insurance to protect your vehicle from the unexpected is always better than having no insurance at all.

How do you add OPCF 16 to your insurance policy?

A simple phone call to your insurance broker can get the process started. When you are ready to return your vehicle back to the road, another call to your broker to add OPCF 17 is necessary. Contact Roughley Insurance for any questions about adding OPCF 16 to your insurance policy

Our team has experts who can help you pause your policy and explain the pros and cons of doing so. Connect with our Roughley team by phone (905-576-7770) or by email [email protected].

If you travel throughout the winter months to escape the Canadian cold, we also have an important tip for you to ensure your home will still be protected. If your home is unoccupied throughout the heating season for more than four consecutive days, you have an obligation outlined under your house insurance contract to take steps to avoid the freezing of water pipes. Read how here.