Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Canada is a four-season country, and Canadians like to make the most of the great outdoors every season. We know that you want to get the most out of the summer and winter months and there is a wide range of vehicles to help you enjoy every last minute of the outdoors.

As with personal automobiles, however, there are different types, and rates, of insurance depending on which vehicle you choose. It is always worth spending a bit of time acquainting yourself with the various categories and classes of a seasonal recreational vehicle before you buy, and your Roughley Insurance Broker is a great resource to call.

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classic car insurance

Antique and Classic Car Insurance 

Flexible Usage
You don’t have your Classic car just to admire it… it was made to be driven! Whether you’re going for a Sunday drive or taking your beauty out to a car show, we have you covered. If you have specific questions about your car or usage, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Flatbed Roadside Assistance
Our optional best-in-class program provides guaranteed flatbed roadside assistance and other benefits. We are confident that you won’t find a better option for ensuring your classic car is protected in the event of a breakdown. Contact us today to find out more about the details of roadside assistance for your classic car, and how it stacks up against the industry standard.

Low Minimum Premiums
At Roughley, we will always get you the right coverage for the right price. We work with specialty insurance companies who only insure antique and classic cars, which allows us to offer you best-in-class coverage at a significantly lower price than traditional insurers.

aviation insurance

Aviation Insurance

Other companies may talk about insuring aircraft, but they often mean personal-use aircraft. At Roughley, we offer insurance coverage for many types of aviation operations including Commercial Aircraft Insurance through our partnerships with:

  • Swiss Re
  • Global Aerospace Canada
  • Allianz Global Corporate
  • XL Insurance

No matter what your aviation-related risk, your Roughley Insurance broker will work with you to create a comprehensive, cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.

Laws about aviation insurance tend to be less clearly defined, and coverage also varies depending on the type of craft: helicopters, float planes, commercial airliners, and so forth are all covered differently. If you are not familiar with the specifics of the aviation industry, you can depend on Roughley to get you the information you need.

Aviation coverage may include:

  • Aircraft Hull
  • Aircraft Liability
  • Aviation General Liability
  • Aviation Products Liability

Those individuals who own and operate their own aircraft generally purchase aviation insurance so that they are covered in a wide variety of situations to ensure that their aircraft will be repaired or replaced as a result of an insured loss.

Owners who rent out, lease, or hire pilots to fly, may also purchase additional cover insurance to cover their aircraft. Individual pilots who lease, rent or are for hire may need to carry additional insurance to be fully covered in the event of an incident.

watercraft insurance

Watercraft Insurance 

Boating is a lifestyle that many people love to indulge in! But with so many different types of boats, it is important to identify the appropriate level of insurance coverage.

Roughley offers comprehensive insurance packages for almost every type of boat.

In some cases, the liability falls under your Homeowners Insurance if you have extended it to cover smaller watercraft. In cases where the specifications for your boat exceed these limits, you may have the option to schedule these items on your Homeowners Policy.

motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

At Roughley Insurance, we can help you find the right package to suit your motorcycle insurance needs. Whether you are a novice rider, or very experienced, or whether you have a small-scale 250cc bike or a high-end 1500cc Harley Davidson, we have a variety of packages to offer.

It’s important to recognize that motorcycling is considered a seasonal sport. Rates for motorcycle insurance is calculated based on seasonal use only, therefore, a reduction of coverage during the off-season is not typically an option.

trailer insurance

Trailer and Motorhome Insurance 

From small pop-up trailers to 36ft fifth wheel trailers to motorhomes, we have the right coverage for you.

Liability coverage extends to travel trailers from the vehicle that is towing it. However, you may want to consider protecting your trailer against theft and physical damage. We have very affordable options for collision and comprehensive coverage.

Motorhomes are insured much like personal automobiles. Coverage includes liability, collision and comprehensive, as well as loss of use and vacation interruption.

ATV insurance

ATV and Snowmobile Insurance 

Contrary to popular belief, recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATV’s are NOT covered under a homeowner policy, even if they are always kept in your garage.

These vehicles need to be covered under an Ontario Automobile Insurance Policy. In most cases, you will be required to carry the minimum liability limit for Ontario in order to obtain a trail permit or license plates for these vehicles. Rates for Snowmobiles and ATV’s are very much driven by the engine displacement and value of the machine. It’s important to make sure that the vehicle that you are purchasing is not listed on a “high performance” or “restricted vehicle” list, because insurance rates for these vehicles could get expensive.

Other Coverages

auto insurnace

Auto Insurance

Whether you are insuring the family car, the ‘team’ minivan, your ‘hauling on the weekends’ truck, Trailer or R/V, or your ‘gift-to-myself’ antique car or motorcycle, we can offer insurance coverage that fits.

home insurance

Home Insurance

The roof over your head may be a single-family property, a multi-unit dwelling, a condominium, or a rental. Any way you look at it, it is the place you call HOME. Our experienced insurance advisors will work with you to protect what matters most, from the home itself to the contents that make up your memories.

business insurance

Business Insurance

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and so does business insurance. No matter what industry you are in, and no matter the size of your employee pool (even if the only employee is YOU), our Business Insurance Advisors can put together coverage that protects your business operations, your property and assets, and your peace of mind.

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