Regardless of size, you have worked hard to build your business, and at Roughley we believe that every business should be protected.

Accidents and unexpected incidents happen and we know that one accident can risk putting you out of business. That’s where liability insurance comes into play.

Simply put, liability insurance covers you and your business against potentially costly lawsuits.

What is business liability insurance?

There are different and specialized lines of insurance to serve all businesses, but our colleagues at Intact Insurance break down the following three main types of liability insurance available for business:

1. General Liability Insurance

This type of protection isn’t only for companies. In fact, it’s one of the components of any home or car insurance policy.

In a business context, this insurance protects you against costs incurred for bodily injury or property damage suffered by third parties on the premises of your business or caused by your products or services.

2. Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions)

Professional liability insurance, sometimes referred to as Errors and Omissions, is intended for firms that offer professional services, such as lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, healthcare, or beauty professionals.

Often referred to as E&O, this coverage protects you against fault or negligence resulting in bodily injury or financial loss. It also covers the expenses incurred by the insured in the event of prosecution, such as legal representation costs and compensation paid to the plaintiff.

3. Insurance for Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers of a business, registered not-for-profit or registered charitable organization are subject to specific responsibilities. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers policyholders against any financial consequences arising from their activities as managers.

This coverage is critical in the event the organization is investigated for actions related to the environment, corruption or unfair competition, or cases of tax evasion, bankruptcy, or prosecution. Officers are also responsible for their own actions and are required to act in a fair and diligent manner, in the best interest of their business.

Is small business insurance mandatory in Ontario?

It is not the law to have small business insurance, but highly recommended. If you operate a home-based business, we recommend having some type of business insurance to protect what you have worked so hard for.  

My small business doesn’t have any employees and I work from home. Do I still need business insurance?

Yes. It doesn’t matter how small of an operation you are; the risk of your business being involved in a lawsuit still exists. Business liability insurance safeguards your business from unexpected events; small businesses are no exception.

We have solutions for:

  1. Home-based businesses
  2. Storefronts and retail operations
  3. Construction and contracting
  4. Golf courses
  5. Farms
  6. Winery/ Craft Brewery
  7. Residential and Commercial Realty

Don’t see your business type listed? Please call us to find out more.

Get the right coverage, at the right price.

Roughley Insurance covers all small business industries in Ontario. With our range of insurance partners, we can compare plans and pricing to find you and your business the right coverage at the right price. 

Roughley’s team of insurance professionals is standing by to answer your call. If you have questions about your insurance, we invite you to call us and speak to one of our team members.

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If you have a small business, you need insurance. The next item on your check list is deciding which type of business insurance is right for you.

Some examples of small businesses that need insurance:

  • Home-based businesses
  • You make and/ or sell products out of your home
  • You run a service business
  • You have a storefront

At a minimum, Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL), is coverage that will protect your business in the event that you are sued, and it is most often used to offset the cost of claims against your business.

If you have a location that people are visiting, it is imperative that you have insurance in place. If you have a home-based business, you are required to notify your home insurance company. You may be able to add an endorsement on the home insurance policy. For example, if a customer is picking up a product on your property and they have a slip and fall, if a home –based business endorsement is not in place the claim could be denied under regular home insurance because the home business was not declared to your insurance provider.

Every company has the potential to be sued as a result of their operations and/or product. If left to defend yourself, the costs could be catastrophic. Working with your Insurance Broker will give you peace of mind knowing you are protected and remove your risk against lawsuits and claims.

Small commercial package policies can include coverage for business contents, business interruption and Commercial General Liability for bodily injury or property damage claims brought against the business. Other coverage options are available depending on the class of business. Each business is unique and your needs will be different than your neighbour’s needs.

You need someone who has your back, a partner that is looking out for your success and your safety. You need a partner like Roughley Insurance Brokers Ltd.

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