We all leave our homes unoccupied for many different reasons including: going to work, running errands, and vacations. During these times when there is no one home it leaves your home more vulnerable to theft. Here are a few tips to help deter robbers from getting their grubby hands on your valuables!

  • Always lock your doors (even if you’re at home). No matter how safe you feel in your neighbourhood this is a quick simple preventative action. There are different types of locks ranging from door locks including knob locks and deadbolts. In addition there are additional locks you can install to provide additional security when an individual is in the home such as door chain locks and door slide locks.
  • Close and lock your windows when you’re out. Breaking through a mesh screen window isn’t difficult even for a child. Closing and locking your windows also provides you with the benefit of keeping the rain out if you get an unexpected downpour!
  • If you’re going on vacation ask a neighbour, friend, or family member to occasionally stop by check up on the house and collect any mail or newspapers that collect at your front door.
  • Install motion detection lights/flood lights outside your home. This helps to eliminate the cover of darkness for possible burglars.
  • Install a security system in your home. This is one of best ways to protect your home from theft. In addition to the actual system the sign/sticker of the security provider also provides another level of deterrence.
  • Have an inventory of your property. In the event that you victim of home theft you can report the items to your insurance company. Most modern smartphones have pretty good cameras which you can use to make video/walkthrough or take pictures to document the values you have. Here’s a template you can use to use to keep track of all your possessions. Make sure you update it at least once a year!

It’s no guarantee that if you follow these steps you won’t be a target but like most of us we will choose the path of least resistance. Making your home a more difficult target could deter a robber from choosing your home for their next big score. Talk to your insurance broker or provider to make sure you have the level of coverage you need.