With an increased amount of precipitation, along with unpredictable and severe weather events in Canada, the likelihood of experiencing a water-related insurance claim has increased.

Investing in your insurance policy allows you to prepare for the unexpected. You have home insurance to protect your biggest asset but only some water damage is covered under your home insurance policy.

There are restrictions as to what water damage is covered under your home insurance policy and what is not covered. In order for the water damage to be covered the water damage must be sudden and accidental. The damage caused by the actual water could be covered but the item that caused the damage is not. For example, if your water heater suddenly leaked and ruined your basement floors, the floors are covered but the water heater is not.

Some insuring companies have created optional coverage that is available to add to your home insurance policy to protect against water damage. These coverages are not available to everyone and is dependent upon your geographical location, among other factors.

These additional coverages include, but are not limited to:  

  • Damage caused by groundwater; i.e. a rising water table, underground stream or well
  • Damage to water and sewer lines on your property

These optional coverages are known as Sewer Backup and Overland Water.

Sewer Backup

This coverage can be added to your home insurance policy. This coverage is for “dirty water” and includes any water coming into your home from pipes, drains and septic tanks.

Some homeowners are more likely to need this coverage than others dependent upon your geographical location.

Overland Water

Water damage caused by water entering your property due to:

  • Sudden accumulation or run-off of surface waters, including torrential rainfall or spring thaw

In the early Spring when the ground is still frozen and we have a significant amount of rainfall, there isn’t many places for the water to go – your basement is a likely location.

This coverage is not available to everyone and is heavily dependent upon your geographical location.

It is important to review your individual insurance policy with your Insurance Broker. Every policy is different and unique to your situation. Each insurance company has different coverages for water damage – what is covered and what is not.

Availability, eligibility, and pricing vary by province. Contact your Insurance Broker to find out which options are available, and the right coverage for you.

If you would like to discuss your policy, your payment schedule, or changes to your coverage needs, we invite you to call us and speak to one of our Roughley team members.

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